Blog Post 3 (Week 6)

Wife Carrying Part 2 This discussion is a more in depth look at the topic Wife Carrying from my first blog post. Wife Carrying is a sport that originated in the country of Finland and has since spread to various countries around the world. According to, there are six other countries that participate in […]

Blog Post 2 (Week 5)

Chess Boxing This stand-alone blog post is about the hybrid sport of Chess Boxing. I was searching for Chess Boxing blogs on Google, and I stumbled across this one called “Inside The Surreal World Of Chess Boxing” by Kevin Horridge. Kevin is from the UK and wrote the blog that I used for my research. […]

Blog Post 1 (Week 4)

Wife Carrying Part 1 Here is the blog that I found to analyze and write a response for: “Meet Finland’s Weirdest Sport – The Wife Carrying World Championships” by Derrick for Sticky Mango Rice. I found this blog by searching for “Wife Carrying World Championship blog” on Google, and it was the first result listed. […]