Blog Post 2 (Week 5)

Chess Boxing

This stand-alone blog post is about the hybrid sport of Chess Boxing.

I was searching for Chess Boxing blogs on Google, and I stumbled across this one called “Inside The Surreal World Of Chess Boxing” by Kevin Horridge. Kevin is from the UK and wrote the blog that I used for my research. I found this blog to be very informative about the sport and full of great pictures. It provides a ton of information about the rules and origins of the sport, as well as other hybrid sports.
According to this blog, Chess Boxing, a fairly new sport, has its origins in Germany and has spread throughout Europe. It is also popular in some other countries, such as Great Britain, India, and Russia. Also, since it is a hybrid sport, competitors must be highly experienced in both chess and boxing.

The blog contains a ten-minute YouTube video of the Chess Boxing World Championships. It was very interesting and entertaining to watch. After the one-minute break, both competitors were breathing hard and had blood on them from the boxing round when they sat down again to play another three minutes of chess. The winner said that his strategy was to go hard in the boxing rounds so that his competitor would make mistakes in their game of chess, and this strategy worked.

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I found another related blog called “Are You Ready For Chess Boxing?” In this blog, one user called the sport “intriguing” and another user thought that the sport was satire.

Just like Wife Carrying, I had never heard of Chess Boxing before, but I also find it humorous. I really enjoy the idea of this hybrid sport. It takes brawn and brain to win a Chess Boxing competition. I don’t know how to play chess, nor can I box, so this sport is quite impressive to me. Being able to think clearly and play strategically with an elevated heart rate and a lot of adrenaline does not sound like an easy thing to do.

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I have loved learning about this hybrid sport, but I have a lot of similar questions to when I first started researching Wife Carrying. How much training goes into preparing for the competition? How many people are involved in the sport? Do more people win in the chess or boxing round? How often are Chess Boxing competitions held? Are there a lot of competitions that lead up to the World Championship? What countries have adopted this sport?

To answer some of these questions, I can conduct more research through other blogs like the ones that I have already found, just as I did to expand more on my first blog.

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